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September 2018 Archives

How lemon laws apply to leased vehicles

Those who lease a car in California and many other states are protected by lemon laws. When a person leases a car, he or she has the right to drive the vehicle but does not own it outright. These laws are in place to ensure that a manufacturer will take back any vehicle that has a defect that cannot be fixed. Generally, if the defect could put a person's life at risk, only one attempt needs to be made to fix it before it is declared a lemon.

How to tell if a car is a lemon

Buying a used car from a seller in California or anywhere else can be an effective way to save money on a vehicle. Of course, it is possible that a used vehicle is defective in some way, and there are many red flags to look for when determining if this is the case. For example, if the ad is poorly written or confusing, it could be a sign that the vehicle is not worth buying.

Used car rule updated by FTC

Those who buy used cars in California and other states must be able to see what is referred to as a buyers guide on the vehicle. The guide provides information about the vehicle's warranty and other facts that could prove useful in making a buying decision. This rule has been in place since 1985, and the Federal Trade Commission has recently made some changes to it.

Lawsuits over Toyotas with defective airbags combined

Four different California lawsuits against Toyota have been transferred to Florida to join the ongoing product liability cases there related to defects in Takata airbags installed in Toyota vehicles. The four California plaintiffs did not want to join the Florida case as they wanted to make their arguments separately. However, a federal court panel said that the cases involved similar facts and problems and assigned them to the multi-district litigation currently consolidated before one federal judge in South Florida.

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