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Common auto fraud schemes at dealerships

When California customers go to a dealership to buy a car, they want to walk away happy with a new vehicle and an honest transaction. Unfortunately, many car buyers instead have to contend with dealership scams that lead to them paying significantly more over the life of their car loans. The car payment that's presented to the buyer is more than the amount of the car or the financing quotes that have been presented by a lender based on the buyer's credit. If you are buying a car in California or have recently concluded a purchase, it is important to be aware of these schemes.

Returning a car after purchasing it

Once a person agrees to buy a car, the sale is usually final. This is true whether the car was purchased in California or dealerships in other states. Of course, there are some exceptions to that rule. In some cases, a dealer will decide that it will take back the car as a show of good faith toward a customer. However, the dealer is under no obligation to do so.

There are remedies for consumers with defective vehicles

The purpose behind lemon laws in California is to protect consumers from defective vehicles that may pose a safety risk to drivers and others on the road. Through these legal remedies, a consumer has an expedited path to resolve their complaints with the manufacturer and car dealer who sold them the vehicle in question. Sometimes, however, it can benefit the consumer to file a lawsuit outside the parameters of lemon laws.

Lemon Law can provide consumers with relief

When consumers in California buy a car from a dealership under warranty, they expect to receive a quality vehicle that is well maintained. Unfortunately, some consumers have an opposite experience; they receive lemons, or cars with persistent problems that cannot or will not be repaired despite repeated complaints. Someone who purchases a defective vehicle can find some relief under the California Lemon Law, a consumer protection statute that could award consumers a repurchase or replacement of their vehicle if it is shown to be a lemon under the law's terms. The criteria include the types of defects found in the vehicle and the number of attempts made to repair the problem.

Exploding sunroofs an under-reported danger

When people in California buy a car with a sunroof, they generally hope to enjoy the outdoor air and a bit of luxury. However, they may experience something altogether different and much more disturbing. Across the country, auto buyers have been registering an increasing number of complaints about exploding sunroofs causing property damage and even injuries. A sunroof explosion has a loud, banging sound like a tire blowout or a fiery malfunction. However, in this type of incident, the glass of the sunroof shatters into tiny pieces, sometimes catching on a shade guard and sometimes entering the car below.

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