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February 2019 Archives

Lawsuit accuses Tesla of fraud and breach of contract

The California-based electric car manufacturer Tesla is known for equipping its vehicles with the latest autonomous safety and convenience systems, but it has also been criticized when accidents have occurred and investigations reveal that these features may have played a role. One such incident involves a Virginia couple who claim that their Tesla Model S 90D sedan crashed into their home on two occasions after its Tesla Autopark and Summon features failed.

Your Mercedes is an asset – protect it if something goes wrong

There is no doubt that Mercedes-Benz is a popular choice for vehicle owners in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Whether you based your choice on the company’s attention to environmental concerns, innovative designs or way the sleek style makes you feel, you often see Mercedes lining the 101 in both directions.

Punitive damages reduced for buyer of "lemon" Ferrari

The federal lemon law and its California counterpart can be important tools for car buyers to protect themselves in a market that can, at times, be rife with fraud and abuse. One owner who purchased a Ferrari F430 had his award reduced by a federal judge, but he is still walking away with a substantial payout after obtaining a "lemon". The man was awarded $5.8 million by a jury, but the appeals court judge reduced his award to $500,000.

California's lemon law ranked in the top half of the nation

California ranked 12th out of 50 states plus the District of Columbia in the Center for Auto Safety ranking of state lemon laws. There were a variety of factors used to create the rankings such as the type of penalties manufacturers could face for willfully violating the law. It also looked to see if attorney fees were paid if a vehicle was found to be defective under a state's lemon law.

Legal protections for California car buyers who purchased lemons

Buyers of new or used vehicles expect them to operate properly without needing major repairs for months or even years. State and federal consumer protection laws recognize that people might get a bad deal because of dishonest sales tactics or seriously defective vehicles known as lemons. For these reasons, people typically have a chance to back out of a purchase or obtain necessary repairs.

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