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Legal protections for California car buyers who purchased lemons

Buyers of new or used vehicles expect them to operate properly without needing major repairs for months or even years. State and federal consumer protection laws recognize that people might get a bad deal because of dishonest sales tactics or seriously defective vehicles known as lemons. For these reasons, people typically have a chance to back out of a purchase or obtain necessary repairs.

When buyer's remorse kicks in within three days, a federal regulation called the "cooling-off rule" could enable the cancellation of the sales transaction. The law arose as a way to help people who bought cars because of high-pressure selling techniques. State law obligates car dealerships to disclose to customers that they can buy contract cancellation option agreements for used cars. These agreements apply to vehicles priced under $40,000. For vehicles priced between $10,000 and $30,000, the consumer pays about $250 to buy the right to return a vehicle within two days.

Lemon laws grant people more time to seek financial remedies for vehicles that fail to perform properly and defy repair attempts. A vehicle designated as a lemon could entitle a buyer to a replacement vehicle or refund.

Because car dealers will likely resist an individual's complaints about a defective vehicle, the representation of an attorney might aid the process of returning a lemon. An attorney may explain the requirements of the California lemon law to see if the person experienced serious problems within the specified time limit for reporting a lemon. Legal support may guide the person through necessary tasks like documenting unsuccessful repair attempts and reporting problems to the auto manufacturer. The attorney may also communicate the problem to the car dealership and try to make arrangements to solve the person's costly situation either through a private settlement or litigation.

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