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March 2019 Archives

Ford Explorer owners complain of potentially dangerous defect

Ford Explorer owners in California and across the country have complained of serious issues with their SUVs, especially related to the release of carbon monoxide gas. Over 3,000 owners of the vehicles have complained to the manufacturer or to federal regulators about exposure to exhaust fumes inside the body of the popular vehicles. Carbon monoxide gas can cause serious illness or even death, and some owners say that Ford has not done enough to make sure that the SUVs are safe. As a result, over 50 lawsuits have been filed nationwide.

How to judge a used car

California residents may have good reason to buy a used car over a new model. New cars tend to depreciate faster, and used cars are generally less expensive. Therefore, those who are on a budget might be able to get a better deal on a used vehicle. However, there are issues that an individual should look for prior to buying any car or SUV.

Leased cars and the lemon law

When a California motorist buys a defective vehicle, the manufacturer is generally required to buy it back. The manufacturer may also choose to provide a replacement vehicle. This may be true even if a car or truck was leased as opposed to purchased outright. People may choose to lease a vehicle because of the lower monthly payment or the lower down payment requirement to acquire one.

What you need to know about 'gray market' vehicles

If you're like many cost-conscious California car buyers, you probably appreciate finding a good deal on a new or used car. One option that you may find that fits into your budget is a gray market vehicle. This type of car or truck will come with an express written warranty. However, it won't be valid in the United States since this type of vehicle is not imported via a manufacturer's authorized distributor.

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