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Some consumers still allege CO leak in Ford Explorers

Some California drivers of Ford Explorers may have heard that there has been concern about a carbon monoxide leak in the vehicle. Around 3000 drivers have complained, but Ford says it has investigated and that its vehicles are safe.

The problem appeared to come to people's attention when law enforcement officers began suffering from an unexplained illness. A link was made to the Explorer Interceptors that they drove and the possibility that carbon monoxide was leaking into the cabin. It was believed that the problem stopped with them, but other Ford Explorer drivers began complaining. One man who suffered such symptoms as dizziness and fatigue was found to have the same kind of toxic levels of carbon monoxide in his blood that would be expected from someone who had been in a house fire. The man had a 60-mile round-trip commute in his Explorer.

In 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated and found some evidence of higher carbon monoxide levels. Ford investigated as well. It has also done around 100 buybacks, but it says its investigators have not identified a danger. However, dozens of claims have been filed against the company. Ford has offered a free exhaust odor service but says the issue is otherwise resolved.

People who purchase vehicles that have issues that a dealer or manufacturer cannot repair may want to look into lemon laws. All states have new car lemon laws, but there is also a federal lemon law that is more expansive and covers goods besides vehicles. This law can also make it less difficult for a consumer to file a lawsuit and recover costs when a warranty is breached. An attorney may be able to explain a person's rights under lemon laws and what the options are.

Source: Carbuzz, "Ford Explorer Owners Still Claim Carbon Monoxide Exposure", Jay Traugott, March 24, 2019

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