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Woman fears for safety because of car trouble

California law generally protects consumers if they purchase a defective vehicle. One woman in Florida claims that her new 2018 Hyundai Sonata SE had significant issues after just a few miles of driving. She says that the wheel started shaking and that she couldn't accelerate while driving on the local interstate. The woman also claimed that the radio wouldn't play and that the engine didn't work properly. There are several known issues with the 2018 Sonata.

According to the Hyundai website, the 2018 model year is under recall for a software update. The update will attempt to fix issues with a knock sensor that is supposed to alert drivers if there is excessive engine vibration. Hyundai acknowledged that the car was a lemon, and the company offered to buy it for about $3,400. At the time of the offer, the owner had already paid about $4,250.

After being contacted by local media, Hyundai offered the owner $6,000 to settle the matter. The vehicle qualified as a lemon because it had been at the dealership three separate times over a period of three months. Under Florida law, at least three attempts must be made to resolve an issue. Furthermore, a car could be declared defective if it spends more than 30 days in a repair shop or has six or more repairs made to it.

A manufacturer generally has a duty to repair a vehicle or otherwise compensate a customer if a car is defective. Failure to do so could represent fraud or deceptive business practices. Someone who believes that their vehicle qualifies as a lemon may wish to contact an attorney. Legal counsel could review the case to determine what recourse a vehicle owner may have in the matter.

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