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Why dealers dislike handling warranty claims

When vehicle owners go to a California car dealership to have an issue with their car looked at, the dealer may be less than interested to fix it. This is because repeated attempts to fix a vehicle may cost a dealer time and money that it might not see back. Furthermore, a customer may already be turned off by a brand after having a negative experience with one of its vehicles.

Therefore, the dealer may feel as if it has little to gain by trying to make yet another attempt to fix a problem that is covered by a warranty. In the event that the problem cannot be fixed, the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for making the customer whole. Under state law, an automaker must either buy back or replace a vehicle that meets certain criteria. Typically, this must happen if the same problem has occurred a number of times.

Alternatively, a manufacturer may be compelled to take back a vehicle that spends 30 or days in a repair shop. While the dealer does sell and service cars and trucks, it is independent from the manufacturer. Therefore, it may not be surprising to hear that some dealers actually tell customers to pursue their rights under the law instead of making yet another attempt at fixing a problem.

Typically, new cars will come with a manufacturer warranty, and that warranty will almost always transfer to a new owner. Individuals who experience significant problems with their vehicles may be entitled to have repairs paid for under that warranty. If the problems cannot be fixed, a vehicle owner may have the right to demand a replacement product. An attorney may help a consumer who is in this type of a position.

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