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When dealers sell "hidden" used cars and demo models

When people purchase a new vehicle from a dealership or manufacturer, they expect it to be reliable and in great condition. Almost all dealers use some vehicles to demonstrate features, use as a sample or otherwise promote their business. However, these cars can also come with additional problems due to extensive wear and less careful management of the vehicles. If you have discovered that you have an undisclosed demo car or executive vehicle, it may be important to learn more about your rights under California law.

Used cars can be sold while under recall

Cars in California and throughout the country that are defective may be recalled so that the issue can be fixed. However, dealerships are generally allowed to sell used vehicles under recall before the problem is resolved. Safety advocates say that this unnecessarily puts used car buyers at risk of being hurt or killed. Dealers say that forcing them to fix vehicles before they are sold could have negative consequences for trade-in values.

Protecting yourself under the lemon law

In California, motorists are protected under the state's lemon law. However, it is essential that you understand what to do if you have a vehicle that you believe is a lemon. You need to make sure that everything about your vehicle's problem is documented correctly each time that you take it to the dealership for repairs.

What to look for before buying a used vehicle

Used car buyers in California are urged to learn as much about a vehicle as possible before completing a transaction. This may prevent them from purchasing something that needs significant repairs or upgrades. A quick overview of the car itself could reveal clues about previous attempts to repair a dented frame. Paint that doesn't match the rest of the vehicle could also signal that repairs have been made in the past.

Dealers don't always disclose recalls

Car dealers in California and other states may sell used cars that are subject to open recalls. This could lead to a variety of safety issues that may put a vehicle owner and others in danger. A news station in the state looked at hundreds of used cars and found that many of them had open recalls for issues such as an engine shutdown or an accelerator issue.

Your BMW may not be as safe as you thought

At some point, most people have thought about buying a new BMW. And whether you based your purchase on the combination of performance and appearance, the company’s commitment to the environment or the way you felt when you got behind the wheel, you should be happy with your vehicle.

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