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An electric SUV is impressive, unless it lights on fire

It is virtually impossible to drive through the Los Angeles area without passing multiple high-end vehicles. And whether you chose an Audi for its German engineering, sleek exterior or engine performance, you likely trust you and your family are safely seated in luxury.

Audi released its first electric SUV earlier this year. And you may have been one of the first to express interest in the vehicle’s fast charge, suspension options and towing capacity – powered by a battery. However, Audi is recalling more than 1,600 of their E-Tron EVs due to a potential fire risk.

Remain aware of potential recalls for your vehicle

Purchasing an electric vehicle may be good for the environment. And with a potential federal tax credit and California Clean Vehicle Rebate, doing so may not be too hard on your budget.

But if you have an E-Tron, keep an eye on your dashboard panel and stop driving if a warning of an electrical problem appears. It may refer to moisture leaking into your battery, which could increase the risk of experiencing an engine fire.

If you worry about the safety of your vehicle:

  • Watch your mail for a recall notice
  • Bring your vehicle to an Audi dealer for diagnostic and repair work
  • Check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) site for recalls according to your VIN

Although you should not have to pay for repairs related to a vehicle recall, defects could cause you some financial loss. Depending on your circumstances, you might want to explore your options for filing a lemon law claim.

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