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August 2019 Archives

Mechanic testimony no longer needed for lemon law

When someone buys a new vehicle in California, that purchase is protected by federal law. If a new vehicle has one or more problems that cannot be fixed by three or more visits to a mechanic, the buyer can return it to the dealer and receive a full refund. A court recently ruled that a mechanic is no longer required to prove that a vehicle is a lemon. All that is now required is the receipts and any related paperwork showing that the vehicle had problems.

A legal claim can achieve justice for dealership vehicle fraud

Californians who purchase a new car are expecting the term "new" to be taken literally. While a few miles on the odometer is understandable, a vehicle that has been utilized extensively cannot be categorized as brand new. If a car dealership does not inform a buyer that the vehicle was used for other purposes, this is a legal violation. Those who have been impacted by this must remember their consumer rights to be compensated.

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