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A legal claim can achieve justice for dealership vehicle fraud

Californians who purchase a new car are expecting the term "new" to be taken literally. While a few miles on the odometer is understandable, a vehicle that has been utilized extensively cannot be categorized as brand new. If a car dealership does not inform a buyer that the vehicle was used for other purposes, this is a legal violation. Those who have been impacted by this must remember their consumer rights to be compensated.

Dealerships and manufacturers have vehicles for demonstration purposes. In some cases, it has gone beyond simple demonstration. It could be loaned out, rented or used as a fleet vehicle. There are many terms for this, including "brass hat" and "program car." Purchasers should be aware of a vehicle's history when they buy it, or the dealership might be participating in vehicle fraud.

Those purchasing a new vehicle might automatically assume that it is new, but if it was utilized by the manufacturer or dealership in the above-listed ways, it is not new. Buyers should expect a clear disclosure of how their new vehicle was used. An unwitting consumer could be confronted with repair expenses and not know that they bought a vehicle that was likely to have these issues because of its past use. Consumers should receive a Certificate of Used Vehicle to sign. The buyer cannot be charged for various fees associated with the vehicle's purchase.

If a person bought a vehicle and problems arose, it might have been due to the dealer misrepresenting the vehicle's history. If it served as a brass hat or in any other way without disclosure, the consumer may want legal advice on how to recover compensation. A law firm that specializes in California lemon law and associated aspects of vehicle law may provide representation in a lawsuit.

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